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As a child of God, I must seek Him daily

As a child of God, I must seek Him daily

My name is Nanshemeza Angella Tugume. I am a second-year student, pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Uganda Christian University (UCU) – Mukono. In 2021, a group of missioners came to my hostel and shared the Gospel during mission week. I was later encouraged to join a group of students who have a desire to grow in their relationship with God for discipleship.

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 This weekly discipleship group is led by two staff of LIFE Ministry Uganda (LMU); Douglas and Rita Ssemaganda. I am so grateful to God for that afternoon when I decided to join the group because my life has never been the same again.

I have faced a number of challenges in my Christian journey, but I have learned how to live a victorious life in Christ from the discipleship sessions. I have learned that I am a child of God and I have to seek the Lord daily. In relation to that, I ought to read the Bible, reflect on its message and apply it in my life. I have also been able to understand through the Scriptures that God’s love is so abundant and He forgives us of all our sins when we confess and repent. I have realized that the more I invest in God and prioritize my spiritual life, the more I grow in Christ’s likeness. Douglas is a wonderful teacher, orator, and diligent servant of God. He has taught us a lot about Christ through the Scriptures. His personal experiences have also helped me in my journey with the Lord. He has extended his teachings as far as equipping us with the skills to ensure that we excel in other areas of our lives, for example, academics, relationships and so much more, all of which I am eternally grateful for.

My experience with LMU has been fulfilling, socially exciting, and eye-opening. It has greatly improved my emotional and spiritual well-being. I wish many more young people have this opportunity.

Nanshemeza Angella Tugume, A student at Uganda Christian University (UCU) - Mukono

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