Christian Courtship: A Wait of Faith

Courtship, grounded in biblical principles, fosters meaningful relationships leading to marriage, contrasting with modern dating's potential pitfalls.

My life was transformed during a student's retreat

A transformative retreat experience brought students closer to God, fostering spiritual growth, new friendships, and a deeper appreciation of God's plans.

A call to help fulfill the great commission

Reflecting on our generation's spiritual struggles, this retreat highlighted the need for deeper knowledge and active obedience to God's teachings.

Forget the Past, Embrace the New

Let go of the past, embrace God's new plans, and trust His timing for a transformative and hopeful future.

Becoming A Leader Of Impact

"In 1978, I found faith in Jesus, guiding my career and family with grace, spreading hope through media and ministry."

Impact Of The New Life Training On A Minister

NLTC training deepened my faith, emphasizing prayer and discipleship, urging pastors in Kitgum to prioritize God above ministry.

Power Over Fear

Despite life's fleeting peace and persistent troubles, true and lasting peace is found through faith in Jesus Christ.

LIFE Ministry Has Taken Me Digital

Attending the Jesus Film Project training in May 2022 transformed my life, equipping me to adapt and evangelize in a changing world.

My Experience as a Member of a Leader Impact Group

The UAE Leader Impact group fosters workplace leadership through faith, transforming lives and spreading Christ’s message, even in challenging environments.

As a child of God, I must seek Him daily

Joining a discipleship group at university transformed my spiritual journey, helping me grow in faith, knowledge, and personal development.

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