Stories by Dr. Ken Chapman

I grew up in a town called Borger in the northern part of the state of Texas, USA and, as a young boy brought up in a Christian home, I remember one day, standing in our kitchen, when I got a compelling thought that I wanted to be happy and have a life that was worthwhile. I thought it must have something to do with God and helping people, but I was not sure how I could be close to God. The desire for significance and the uncertainty about my own relationship with God continued for years.

Then, during my first year in Dental school in 1971, I met some people who were very happy and excited about their relationship with Christ. They invited me to attend a training on how to share our faith in Christ that was being conducted by Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI). I attended, even though I was not sure that I was a Christian. It was while they were training us in how to use the Four Spiritual Laws booklet as a tool for evangelism that I finally understood how to be sure that I was a Christian. Having the assurance that Christ was in my life and that I had eternal life changed the course of my life. I got involved in CCC and attended Explo ‘72 (a CCC event that was attended by 85,000 people) in Dallas, Texas in 1972. Little did I know that the late Bishop Mehtusela Bugimbi was there and that I would later end up in Uganda! It was around that time that I started thinking about missionary dentistry. I visited a missionary dentist in Korea while in Dental school and my interest in missionary dentistry grew immensely.

After three years of private dental practice in Texas and a dental mission trip to Liberia, I decided to try missionary dentistry on a long-term basis. I had been greatly helped by CCC in university and it was like a dream to be able to join their staff. I did finally join them in 1979 and signed up for two years in Uganda. Now, forty years later, I am still here! I work as a dentist in Mengo Hospital where I have the chance to help meet both physical and spiritual needs of people.

I must say that I joined Campus Crusade for Christ as a missionary dentist because I felt it was the best way to fulfil my life goals of glorifying God and helping reach as many people as possible for Christ.

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