Our Leadership Team

Henry Tenywa Kigenyi

Global Church Movements Team Leader

Henry’s first encounter with LIFE Ministry Uganda happened when he was still a student at Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo in 1999, now part of Kyambogo University. He used to attend Prime Time every Saturday at St. Kakumba Chapel, an event that was organized by LMU.

Henry had received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior when he was in senior one in 1992. Having been part of Scripture Union in High School, he purposed to find better ways of engaging in ministry when he joined College. Kyambogo Christian Union (KCU) and LMU were very helpful in nurturing him and providing avenues for growth and fruitfulness. 

Towards the end of his course in 2000, Henry developed a desire to be involved in ministry. He learnt through a friend that LMU was recruiting volunteers. He applied and enrolled as a volunteer. He went to Kako Prayer and Retreat Center for one month and underwent training in skills of evangelism and discipleship. He was then sent to the field for ministry in Rukungiri and Kamuli. In 2001, he started working at the National office as the Administrative Assistant.

Henry had pledged to do ministry for just 2 years and hence 2002 was his second and last year. He therefore needed an exit plan. He had two options in mind; either to continue with Christian work or go for further studies in Engineering. Through several events that transpired in his life, God clearly showed him that He wanted him to serve with LMU. Henry got married to his wife Freda in August 2005. They are blessed with two daughters, Kisakye and Deborah. They applied to join as missionary staff in 2007 and were accepted. They did Great Commission Training (GCT) from September 2007 to June 2008 and were assigned to Makerere University.

Henry has served in various leadership positions in the field and at the national office including Administrative Assistant, Student-Led Movements Team Leader, DMPD (Discipleship Ministry Partnership Development) Coordinator and Resource Development Team Leader. He currently serves as the Global Church Movements Team Leader and Regional Coordinator, Eastern Region.

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